I will live chat Monday 8p-10p Eastern! On The Internetz!

Slow Surrender CoverSLOW SURRENDER Book Launch Chat!
Monday, March 11 8pm – 10pm Eastern
Join me to celebrate the launch of my latest erotic romance novel, Slow Surrender, which had its ebook release this past Tuesday! Slow Surrender is the first in a trilogy being published by Hachette Book Group/Grand Central Publishing in their Forever imprint. The ebook is out now, and a paperback is slated to follow on August 6.
For this online chat I will split it into two parts! From 8-9pm I will do it via Google Hangout, and then from 9-10pm we’ll stream on uStream! More details below the cut.
To participate in actually chatting with me live in the Google Hangout you must be on G+ (and be tech equipped with mic and camera), whereas on uStream comments and questions will be sent to me via the text chat window on the uStream site. My uStream channel is here: https://www.ustream.tv/channel/cecilia-tan and my Google+ profile name is ctan.writer.
To submit a question to be asked during either of the chats, please comment with your question here or email it to me at ctan.writer @ gmail.com!
And if you can’t be in the chats but want to know more about the book, I’ve got a sample chapter and a half up on my website (https://blog.ceciliatan.com/?page_id=1173) and the ebook is on sale now at Amazon.com, B&N Nookstore, Google Play, pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold.
SLOW SURRENDER is my answer to 50 Shades of Grey. For all the people who read 50 Shades and were disappointed because the books actually aren’t very kinky and they get less so as they go on. In my books, the more in love the couple get, the kinkier and more intense the BDSM gets!


    1. I won’t make you wait for Monday for the answer to that question! My publisher says January 28, 2014, ebook and paperback simultaneous release for book two: Slow Seduction.

  1. The problem with so many months for the second release is by that time I have forgotten I have even read the book and forget to purchase part 2

    1. Just a few years ago the minimum wait for the second book of a series was one full year, so I’m pretty happy they’re going to have the second book only five months after the first one comes in paperback. I suppose any reader who has forgotten about a series by the time the next book comes along wasn’t all that interested in the first place?

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