Missed my BDSM romance chats? Watch the video archives!

Part One of my SLOW SURRENDER video chat from tonight is now on Youtube! (If you just want to see the erotica reading part, skip to 25:10 or so…)

After the first hour was done, we switched to uStream for Part Two. The erotic reading starts around 16:00. (I am getting an odd thing where sometimes I get the sound for this video, and sometimes it cuts out? It’s definitely there!)

Video streaming by Ustream


  1. Watching the video chat now — for the record, the Lord of the Rings was actually six books (with the appendix being a seventh) that they forced to be three books. I’m a Tolkien geek. 🙂

    1. Well, it *is* six “books” (sections) but Allen & Unwin would have published them as a single volume (just like the Bible) if they’d been able to print paperbacks with that many pages at the time without them falling apart. I first read that in an interview with his editor some time in the seventies in one of the sf magazines, and I think he reiterates it in the video extras on the LOTR DVDs, actually.

      1. Huh, I thought I remember reading in a Letter somewhere that he in fact wanted them as six volumes. Oh well, the memory ain’t what it used to be (if it ever was).

        1. Tolkien might have wanted them to be six volumes but the publisher never would have gone for that. It just wouldn’t make economic sense.

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