99 cent ebooks today only at Ravenous!

So today is Ravenous Romance‘s One Year Anniversary!
They are having a special blowout sale, all ebooks for 99 cents! So you can now get my books that list for $6.99 for just a buck. If you’ve been meaning to pick them up, today would be a great day to do it.
What I’ve got out from them so far:
Paranormal erotic thriller. Wren is a withdrawn, solitary young woman with latent telepathic abilities. When her flaky sister goes missing, Wren hires a private investigator to help find her, only to find herself more and more attracted to him as time goes on. Derek is attracted to her, as well, and they discover that together they can unlock Wren’s suppressed talents. But what’s up with the strangely erotic yet threatening dreams Wren is having? I’ve written this one with situations of sexual jeopardy and dubious consent, which those of you who are familiar with my fanfiction I know will enjoy just fine. Wink wink.
Baseball romance!! This might be the most vanilla thing I’ve ever written, but it is hot and fun and is definitely ROMANCE with a Capital R. Casey Branigan is bored with her job and bored with dating, which has come to seem like a job. Then she meets a major league ballplayer and gets sucked into the whirlwind life of glamour that is being a baseball girlfriend. But there are things her beau isn’t telling her… hijinks ensue.
THE SIREN & THE SWORD (Magic University, Book One)
My Harry-Potter-esque adventure set in the magical university hidden inside Harvard. Follow the adventures of poet and college freshman Kyle Wadsworth as he discovers he is magical — and that in particular, sex magic may be his strength. Mystery, romance, and lots of sex in a coming of age sort of tale.
Plus several erotica anthologies I collected for Ravenous:
Boys of the Bite — gay vampires
Women of the Bite — lesbian vampires
Bites of Passion — het vampires
Young Studs — tales of younger men and older women
Wicked Pleasures — BDSM erotic stories
Go grab them now while the 99 cent special lasts! 🙂

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