99 cent ebooks today only at Ravenous!

So today is Ravenous Romance‘s One Year Anniversary!
They are having a special blowout sale, all ebooks for 99 cents! So you can now get my books that list for $6.99 for just a buck. If you’ve been meaning to pick them up, today would be a great day to do it.
What I’ve got out from them so far:
Paranormal erotic thriller. Wren is a withdrawn, solitary young woman with latent telepathic abilities. When her flaky sister goes missing, Wren hires a private investigator to help find her, only to find herself more and more attracted to him as time goes on. Derek is attracted to her, as well, and they discover that together they can unlock Wren’s suppressed talents. But what’s up with the strangely erotic yet threatening dreams Wren is having? I’ve written this one with situations of sexual jeopardy and dubious consent, which those of you who are familiar with my fanfiction I know will enjoy just fine. Wink wink.
Baseball romance!! This might be the most vanilla thing I’ve ever written, but it is hot and fun and is definitely ROMANCE with a Capital R. Casey Branigan is bored with her job and bored with dating, which has come to seem like a job. Then she meets a major league ballplayer and gets sucked into the whirlwind life of glamour that is being a baseball girlfriend. But there are things her beau isn’t telling her… hijinks ensue.
THE SIREN & THE SWORD (Magic University, Book One)
My Harry-Potter-esque adventure set in the magical university hidden inside Harvard. Follow the adventures of poet and college freshman Kyle Wadsworth as he discovers he is magical — and that in particular, sex magic may be his strength. Mystery, romance, and lots of sex in a coming of age sort of tale.
Plus several erotica anthologies I collected for Ravenous:
Boys of the Bite — gay vampires
Women of the Bite — lesbian vampires
Bites of Passion — het vampires
Young Studs — tales of younger men and older women
Wicked Pleasures — BDSM erotic stories
Go grab them now while the 99 cent special lasts! 🙂

Free Download of Telepaths Don't Need Safewords

So, many of you reading this blog know my very first book way back when (18 years ago, to be exact) was a self-published chapbook called Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords. The chapbook eventually sold thousands of copies, but it has been out of print for several years now.
Circlet.com is releasing an ebook edition of it now, and until the end of November, it’s FREE. You still have to go through Circlet’s shopping cart to get the download, but you pay nothing!
I figure now is a good time to do this because an ebook from Torquere Press is coming in a few weeks that features Arshan as the main character, and it’s something of a prequel. May as well remind people what that original first short story was like.
The ebook includes all three stories from the original collection:
Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords
A tale of Arshan and Mriah, an established couple attending a glitzy, decadent BDSM costume party, and the adventures and trouble they run into there. What no one there knows is that they have a secret, a telepathic bond that allows them to read each other’s thoughts and share feelings.
Cat Scratch Fever
As humans attempt to gain a foothold on an exotic and alien planet, their leader finds taming a cat-like female alien the key to establishing peace.
Heart’s Desire
A lonely domme hosts a play party, where everyone takes on a fantasy role. But reality can be so much more painful, and so much sweeter.
Download your copy in PDF form today and tell your friends!

Daron's Guitar Chronicles

So far so good on the launch of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! New posts appeared as planned on Monday and Today, and another will come Friday! New posts will be every M/W/F barring unforeseen circumstances like alien invasion or power outage that knocks us off the net.
I’ve been having fun making links to references in the text to things from the 1980s, bands and celebrities, places in Providence and Boston, and other such things, as well as embeddding Youtube videos, or at least linking to them, where appropriate. I hope people are having fun with it!
The site is here:

Royal Treatment cover!

For obvious reasons… just had to share the cover design of my next book with you all…
Thumbnail size:

It’s a BDSM novella called “Royal Treatment” which is a prequel to Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords. It will be out soon from Torquere Press in their “Highball” line.
Yes, that’s meant to be Arshan on the cover. Looks like him, doesn’t it? I got lucky and was able to point the cover designer at that image on a stock photography web site. Yes, I love it and am drooling. And yes, I know Arsh is a dom, but when you see what he goes through in this book… well, more on that when we have an actual book! I’ll link as soon as its available for sale!
Larger size view: Continue reading →

Oops, I Did It Again.

Okay, it’s official, I’m launching DARON’S GUITAR CHRONICLES.
It’s a serialized novel that never would have worked as a traditional print novel because it was too long.
It’s a coming of age story, a coming out story, and a period piece about the 1980s.
It’s sex, drugs, and rock and roll from the point of view of a neurotic 19-year-old closet case.
Daron: Hey! Watch it with the name-calling!
Me: What? Did I lie?
Daron: Well, no. But I’m not neurotic.
Me: Says who?
Daron: And I’m not in the closet, because I’m not gay.
Me: You just “like guys.”
Daron: Yeah.
Me: Uh-huh.
Daron: Don’t give me that look. You know it’s more complicated than that.
Me: If you say so.
Daron: Hey readers, don’t listen to her. Go see for yourself. You’ll totally agree with me once you see what’s going on.

The first few posts are up for your reading pleasure at: DARON’S GUITAR CHRONICLES.
New content will be appearing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting on Monday the 16th. Please spread the word! Follow Daron on Twitter to get a little reminder each time a new post appears (@daron_moondog). Meanwhile go read what’s there to get you started! Comments welcome!
And no, don’t worry, this isn’t going to take me away from The Prince’s Boy. The Daron stuff is already written — I started writing it back in grad school and finished in 2000. Many publishers have seen it and praised it, but never could figure out a way to publish it that made sense. So I’m doing it myself. Like a webcomic, without pictures…

Liner note #1

Yeah, hi, so she and I have been arguing over who is going to write these liner notes and I won. For once. God, these authors, you’d think they wanted to control everything. I might let her write some later. I won’t jump in with these too often because after all you’re supposed to be reading the story, not blather about it, right? But I figure let’s get one out of the way now, so you’re not surprised when the next one comes up. Regular story posts come up every Monday & Thursday (with a Saturday post each time the tip jar total hits $25) and liner notes only occasionally. Got it?
Anyway, the ‘liner notes’ are what they sound like. Extra stuff like song lyrics or bio stuff or clippings from the press, yadda yadda. I’m actually a little leery of posting my song lyrics because Continue reading →


Couldn’t help but notice that my best-selling books for Kindle right now are the ones that seem most appropriate for the Halloween season. Two anthologies I edited last year are at the top of the list: Like Crimson Droplets (vampires) is at number one, with Like An Animal (werewolves) at number two. Coming in third, another vampire anthology I edited back in 2005 for Blue Moon Books called Blood Surrender, which I hadn’t even realized there was a Kindle edition for until now!
I want to write a vampire novel at some point, but I’ve been so busy with other projects, probably by the time I get around to it, everyone will be tired of them…? Mine won’t be anything like Twilight, I bet…

Some upcoming appearances

My upcoming speaking engagements…
I’ll be in Provincetown next Saturday (Women’s Week) doing a couple of things supporting the Lesbian Cowboys books I’m in. Several editors and contributors to recent Cleis Press erotic anthologies will be on hand at :
Saturday, October 17, 12:30 PM
102 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA 02657
Reading with other contributors to Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures, and other Cleis Press books, with Radclyffe, Rakelle Valencia, Sacchi Green, Cecilia Tan, Charlotte Dare, Anna Watson, DeJay, Victoria Oldham, and Dalia Craig.
Saturday, October 17, 2:15 PM
Now Voyager Book Store
357 Commercial St. Provincetown, MA 02657
Erotica and romance authors appearance/signing with Dalia Craig, Charlotte Dare, DeJay, Sacchi Green, Victoria Oldham, Radclyffe, Cecilia Tan, Anna Watson.
Coming up:
Nov 20-22, Transcending Boundaries conference, Worcester, MA
January 15-18, Arisia, Cambridge MA
Jan 26-27, Digital Book World, NYC
Feb 14-16, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Providence, RI
March 19-21, Vericon (at Harvard)
April 1-4, Frolicon, Atlanta, GA
April 30-May 2, Outlantacon, Atlanta, GA (Guest of honor! Whee!)
May 13-16, Saints & Sinners Literary Festival, New Orleans (tentative)
May 27-31, Wiscon, Madison, WI (tentative)
September 24-26, FFF Carolinas, Charlotte, NC
I post the schedule with all the details on directions and locations at BookTour.com: https://booktour.com/author/cecilia_tan

Writing update

I’m always juggling a lot of projects. That’s the life of a freelancer. Right now though I am actually late turning in book two of the Magic University series, which is not my normal way of operating. But in this case the publisher has actually rejiggered their production schedule some since the contract was signed, and with various other things going on, it made sense to take a little longer to finish the book.
The problem is that the longer one project takes, the more it cuts into other things. I’ve just started making assignments in the 2010 Yankees Annual, but have only filled about half the slots. So I need to get cracking on that.
The Prince’s Boy, my male/male erotic high fantasy serial is finally picking up steam (no pun intended!) over at circlet.com. I have plans for it to run for two years, and writing in the serial form is turning out to be a lot of fun.
I’m writing the Baseball Early Bird every week still, always the Wednesday issue, though we’ll see what the postseason schedule comes out like.
But this will be a short week, because the Fetish Fair Fleamarket Carolinas is this weekend so I’ll be heading down there to run the show. Unlikely I’ll get much if any writing done while there, and add to that my RSI is acting up like a mofo right now. After several months of it being just fine, I aggravated it somehow recently and it’s been getting worse instead of better. My shoulder goes out of position and then the whole rest of the arm, including the injured elbow and my write, get very sore, which makes it hard to type.
Looking back over old journals, it looks to me like it always gets bad at the end of September and in January. Maybe the change in the weather has something to do with it? Ugh.

Going Mobile… does this blog look ok to you?

So I’ve installed a plugin that detects if someone visits this blog with a mobile device such as an iPhone or Blackberry. I’ve tested it for iPhone myself and it works nicely! Anyone else out there have other devices who can tell me how it looks for you all? There’s also an easy link to switch to the regular web view, or back to mobile view.
FYI, the plugin is WordPress Mobile from Crowd Favorite: https://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress/